Barnacle Collection

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resin art: @hexbay


Inspired by the way barnacles group together on rocky shorelines, I have been working on a new range of jewellery.  Using recycled silver and copper from my workshop, these are a softer version of acorn barnacles.  Barnacles are often found along the intertidal zone but also attach themselves to anything floating at sea – boats, driftwood and even turtles.

Barnacle Rings

Sterling silver hammered bands adorned with recycled silver and copper barnacles.  Beautiful worn on their own or stacked with seaglass or simple stacking rings.

Barnacle Hooped Earrings

Open hooped earrings embellished with recycled silver and copper barnacles. Supplied with sterling silver backs, these are light enough for everyday wear but also add an elegant touch to more formal wear.

Barnacle Seaglass Ring

Made to order, these rings feature Cornish seaglass and are surrounded by recycled silver and copper barnacles. You can have one made using your own seaglass or pieces from my collections.

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