If you have a specific date such as a birthday or anniversary then please let me know. I will confirm if I am able to meet this deadline.
All prices include Special Delivery Postage in the UK. If you would like it posted abroad, please let me know the country so that I can calculate the cost. Please note, import duties in other countries are not included.
Please use millimetres if possible. If you would like it re-shaped, please give an indication of shape.
Some colours are more commonly found and some are classed as 'rare'. If you have a size preference please use millimetres. Particular beaches and areas in Cornwall are better for finding seaglass - I will contact you about your chosen places. Do you want it carved into a shape?
Please now answer the relevant questions about your jewellery type.
Please include a ring size if you know it, chain length, bangle size or earring drop length. Sizing guides can be found on the FAQ page on the website.
If you would like a Heart Chain or Shape Cut necklace please indicate below.
All silver pieces weighing above 7.78g are legally hallmarked. If your jewellery weighs less than this you can still choose to have it hallmarked at a supplement. Current pricing can be found on the Bespoke page on the website. In 2022 you can also opt to have the special Jubilee Mark alongside your hallmark.
These will be made as the same size as any seaglass ring ordered unless specified below

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