Cornish Seaglass Treasures

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What is seaglass?

Seaglass has been part of the ocean, tumbled, smoothed and changed with time and tide.  Each piece is therefore completely unique and cannot be replicated.

Imagine where it could have started off: a bottle tossed overboard by a sailor; an old glass fishing buoy; the fragile remains of past Cornish industries or even the result of a shipwreck.

Where is it found?

Porth Jewellery's founder beach combing for seaglass on the beach at Marazion with St Michael's Mount in the background.

I collect seaglass from beaches, harbours and estuaries in Cornwall and sometimes further afield. Each piece is carefully recorded so I can trace it back to its beach for provenance.  Porth is Cornish for harbour – good places to search for seaglass treasures.


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