Granite Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings, designed for a wonderful couple who supported me so much when I started teaching my jewellery workshops.

From cups of coffee, chasing chickens, carrying my equipment, advice on my business and general all-round help, they are amazing people.

It was an absolute honour to be asked to make such special pieces for them.

The brief

Jasmine came to show me her engagement ring, hoping to design something similar for their wedding bands.  They wanted:

  • a similar texture/finish to her engagement ring
  • a similar width band for Jasmine
  • sterling silver
  • nothing to shiny or polished.

We measured the existing band and then looked at thicknesses and widths of bands for the groom, Paul.  As he works outside with his hands the ring needed to be practical and not too bulky on his finger.


The next few days I had fun experimenting with texture processes to create something similar.  Off I went with scraps of silver and a hammer to see what could be achieved in my local environment.  I also played with sand casting in my home studio, adding grains of sand from the local beach.  As Jasmine and Paul spend a lot of time outdoors I wanted to reflect the Cornish landscape they live in and enjoy.

Final design

Looking at all the samples, we decided on the texture of granite. Something that makes Cornwall unique, is rugged and long-lasting.  I carefully added this texture to shaped silver before forming the ring bands to size.  The insides of the bands were filed and polished smooth, making them comfier to wear.

Over time the bands will become more shiny on the raised areas, retaining the matt look in the recesses, just like Jasmine’s engagement ring.

I love that we used local granite to create a rugged unique texture which is a wonderful contrast with the smooth inside. The geology of Cornwall is dominated by granite, making this very fitting for their Cornish wedding.

Honeymoon photos


Love love love love them. You are so incredibly clever. xxx

What a talent – these are beautiful.  Thank you so much x



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