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Well, what can I say – this March weather is just amazing.  I’m just dreaming of beach days now, swimming, paddle boarding, picnics and of course: beach combing!  Here’s todays stunning view – Mylor Harbour.

Mylor harbour with boats on a sunny day!


Instagram – #march meet the maker

March has been busy.  I’ve been working on #marchmeetthemaker on instagram trying to show more about Porth Jewellery.  Keeping up with the daily posts has sometimes been a challenge but I intend to add the ones I missed on to the end.  These posts have been shared on facebook too so take a look at my social media accounts (follow the link at the bottom right on my website page).  Some of the posts have really made me think and get creative.

Bespoke seaglass jewellery

2019 has so far kept me busy with bespoke orders, especially pieces using seaglass that customers have found themselves.  It is an absolute pleasure to make jewellery that is sentimental and has meaning.

Deep turquoise seaglass ring on a wide band. The seaglass was the customers own.

Lisa’s seaglass ring was made using her own seaglass from the Lizard.

Rare purple seaglass from St Mawes, made into a ring as a bespoke order.

Jodie chose this rare purple seaglass from my collections

Pale blue-turquoise seaglass ring. Bespoke order using seaglass found by a relative.

Lynney used seaglass collected by a relative at Maenporth Beach for her bespoke ring

Bespoke seaglass necklace made with the customers own seaglass. A gift.

This piece can’t be named yet as it is a gift!  The seaglass was found at a local beach by the lady who commissioned the piece.  Hopefully they’ll want to join Porth Mermaid Tribe with this piece!

Pale blue seaglass necklace from Swanpool. Gift.

Another gift – this one is for a special birthday and has been hung on a silver chain.

Pale blue seaglass bracelet

Amanda set me a challenge – my first bracelet!  The seaglass was chosen from my collections.

If you’d like to find about having a piece of jewellery made, please visit the bespoke orders page on my website and contact me with any questions you may have.  I can work with you on a design to ensure you get a unique and special piece of jewellery.

Where can I come and see porth jewellery?

I have also been busy applying for fairs and events over the summer (and Christmas – crazy!).  Here are my dates for my regular pitch at Mawnan Farmer’s Market where you can come and see me, try on jewellery, measure your ring size and chat beach combing!  I will be updating my events list in the FAQ’s page on my website as new events are confirmed.

Mawnan Farmer’s Market

Mawnan Memorial Hall

Sampys Hill

Mawnan Smith


TR11 5EP

Saturday’s 09.00 – 12.30

20th April

18th May

15th June

20th July

24th August

21st September

19th October

17th November (Sunday)

14th December


Other events will be added as confirmed



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