Other seaglass beach finds…

Other seaglass beach finds…including marbles

Have you ever found a glass marble whilst beach combing?  Following the post on seaglass colours and origins, here are some added extras to look out for whilst beach combing.

Codd Bottles

A codd bottle on display at Marmalade Antiques, Falmouth.This interesting bottle design was invented by British inventor, Hiram. J. Codd, in 1886.  It enabled bottles to be closed using a glass ball and  a ring.  Bottle using this closure are still referred to as Codd bottles.







Glass marble from a Cold bottle.

Glass marbles

A rare find.  These were often in the necks of old bottles.  If you ever find a complete bottle with these inside then you’ve found a real treasure! Often these bottles were broken by children to use as marbles.

Cold Bottle Stopper.

glass stoppers

Bottle tops from Cold bottles are also highly prized by beachcombers.  You need sheltered spots to find these in good condition.  Water-side towns are good spots such as Falmouth.

Happy beach combing!

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