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Dark Forest Green Seaglass Ring – Portscatho – Size Q


Porthscatho Seaglass

Seaglass & Sterling Silver

Handmade in Cornwall

Gift Packaged

UK postage included

Out of stock


A delightful deep green piece of Cornish Seaglass with an air bubble visible near the surface.  Air bubbles are found in older glass until improvements in production at the end of the Victorian era.  It has been perfectly shaped by the ocean and was found at Portscatho on the Roseland.  The band has a round hammered texture which bounces the light around and makes it really sparkle.  The seaglass size is approximately 9mm wide and 11mm high.

Portscatho is a traditional Cornish village with its old quay and old fisherman cottages. The East-facing cove gives shelter from the prevailing winds offering safety and protection for its traditional pilchard fleets of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Porth seaglass rings are gift packaged in a grey card box, sealed with a turquoise strip and a Porth logo sticker.  Each seaglass ring comes with special map card showing its provenance –  unique to Porth jewellery and perfect for that special touch.


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