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Pirate Seaglass Necklaces with Engine House


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Beautifully shaped by the ocean, these are genuine pieces of Pirate Cornish seaglass.  ‘Pirate glass’ appears black but when a light is shone through it is a very deep colour, usually a dark green or brown. This design has an engine house hand-cut from the back of the setting.  These iconic Cornish buildings mark old tin-mine workings, some of which are now UNESCO world heritage sites.

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What is Pirate Glass?

Hundreds of years ago, before refrigeration and preservatives, many liquids were put in dark bottles to prevent them degrading.  This was especially important for sailors (and pirates) to ensure they had safe liquids to drink as water was often unsafe.

I like to think the Pirate glass found in the bay dates back to these tales of treasures and wild buccaneers, tossing their used broken bottles overboard!


This pieces are hung on 18″ chains.  If you would prefer a 16″ chain then please leave a note in the checkout.

All Porth seaglass necklaces are beautifully packaged in a grey box, sealed with a turquoise strip.  Each piece of jewellery also comes with a care sheet and a small map showing where it was beach-combed for provenance.  Perfect for a special gift.

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