Seaglass necklaces: new designs

Mermaids tail


After the great comments and feedback about the commissioned ‘mermaids tail’ necklace, I’ve been on the look out for a similar piece of seaglass on Cornish beaches.  Last week, my studio buddy found the perfect piece a beach in Falmouth!

3 pieces of seaglass lined up. 2 are green and the centre one is white, shapes like a mermaids tail


To make sure the seaglass kept its colour a bezel setting was chosen.  This means that the glass is surrounded by silver, with a silver back.  Porth’s custom 3 holes are added to the setting before the seaglass is set.

A seaglass necklace in the shape of a mermaids tailMermaid tail shaped seaglass, set in silvershaped











Perfect for any ocean-loving mermaid, this new necklace sold-out within hours.

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  1. James Gray

    Great looking pieces, look forward to seeing more of your designs

    • admin

      Thanks James!
      New designs are very dependant on the seaglass I find but all will be added the the shop.

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