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I was thrilled to receive an email via the website from a bride-to-be back in May asking whether I could make jewellery for her bridal party to be worn on her wedding day.  Obviously the answer was yes! All of the seaglass had been found by her and her fiancé on their travels – a truly special order.


<<    the order    >>

A4 sheet with 6 sections, each with a piece of seaglass attached and what it will be made into with sizes.


After explaining what I would need, Zoe sent this incredibly organised sheet with all the information on.  Sizes for rings, chain lengths and bracelet sizes, along with where each piece was found.

Two blue rings ♥

<<    the make    >>

Seaglass and Dremel - some reshaping was required.
Re-shaping a few pieces ensure the seaglass did not rock in the settings.
Blue seaglass on silver sheet with settings in production.
Bezel settings in the making…
Hammering a ring band to size.
Ring sizing and shaping


Once all the settings, rings and jump rings were made the pieces were polished up ready for the seaglass to be set.  Polishing the silver involves putting a quantity of steel shot of various shapes into a barrel with the jewellery and a cleaning compound.  It is then tumbled for an hour or more.  The ‘shot’ gets into the small areas and your work comes out shiny and clean!

Setting the seaglass can be a tricky process, especially with tiny earrings that are hard to hold!

Wedding jewellery laid out ready to be set.


<<    The finished jewellery    >>

Cornflower blue seaglass necklace.
Brides ring
Deep blue seaglass studs.
Bridesmaids studs
Pale aqua necklace.
Aqua necklace
Deep blue seaglass ring.
Bridesmaid Ring
Electric turquoise bracelet.
Bridesmaids electric-turquoise bracelet
Deep blue seaglass necklace
Deep blue seaglass necklace


<<    wedding day    >>

Three bridesmaids wearing Porth Jewellery.
Beautiful Bridesmaids


And here they are, perfectly modelled by three stunning bridesmaids in a mountain-top scene.

Close-up of one bridesmaid wearing Porth Jewellery
Up close – bridesmaids jewellery


Please get in touch if you’d like to do something similar for your wedding.  

This was a dream-make for me!

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