Winter Sun

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Last week I escaped the cold, dark January for a working-holiday to Tenerife. What a great experience! I lived in a fire truck amongst banana trees and worked with Eveline – a positive, enthusiastic and lovely eco-fashion designer – in her shop Mauanga. It was great to learn how another business is run and picked up a lot of tips for my own sewing (I make quite a lot of my own clothes). Together we designed a bag and drank a lot of coffee!

Electric blue seaglass necklace

Porth jewellery went along too. Eveline had placed a bespoke order for a seaglass necklace and she’ll be joining the Porth Mermaid Tribe soon. The electric blue is incredible.

I also took some recently completed jewellery to photograph although I found the light a bit too much to get the quality of photos I was hoping for.

Black sand is definitely the way to go seaglass hunting. On an ebbing tide the glass just glows against the sparkling black sand, asking to be picked up. The beaches in the Montana Roja Nature Reserve, south of El Medano, gave me some interesting finds, including this I beautiful piece of pottery which is destined to become a necklace. If you want it to be yours and reserve it, please contact me.

Keep your eyes peeled for new stock in the shop…

Now, where’s that wooly hat and extra jumper?! Brrr. xxx

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