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Silver Cowrie Hoops/Long Earrings


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Each silver cowrie is handmade using a mould made from a natural cowrie found whilst beach-combing in Cornwall.  The cowries are made of fine silver and measure approximately 6mm wide by 8mm high although each one does vary slightly.

They cowries are attached to either Sterling Silver hoops or Sterling Silver long earrings. The cowries can also be slipped off the hoop and attached to other ear wires to change the look.

The Hoops have a diameter of 30mm and link into themselves.

The Long Earrings are approximately 45mm long and join at the base to stop them falling off and getting lost.

Choose either design or opt for both set of earring wires so that you can move the cowries between the two!

Cowries are small sea snails and two types can be found around the Cornish coast: European and Arctic.  The European cowries have distinctive spots on their shells wheres at Arctic ones are plain.  They live on rocky shores, at or below the low tide mark.  You are most likely to know that they live in an area by beach combing their shells on the high-tide mark.  Cowrie shells (Money Cowrie) were originally used as currency in China which spread to India and then across the world with European Traders.   There are over 250 varieties across the world.

All Porth jewellery comes beautifully packaged in grey packaging, sealed with a turquoise strip.  Perfect for a special gift.

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